School Events

School Dances

Every school deserves quality entertainment. All Star DJ Company has years of experience providing great professional DJ services for school dances of all types–high school, middle school, large and small proms, winter formals, homecomings– we’ve done it all. 

Our DJs work with your prom or homecoming planners to make sure the music creates the right atmosphere for the event. All of our team members are talented entertainers who know how to interact with crowds. We are also professional to the core and will make sure that our professional DJ services meet or exceed your expectations. We believe the success of your event comes down to the music we play and our interaction with the students. As you already know, a teenage crowd can sometimes be hard to please, so listening to their demands is important. This is why we spend months out of the year researching the hottest trends in music, fashion and entertainment. We then turn around and merge all of those trends into an incredible high school DJ performance with style! Our event services provide the maximum impact for every school we service. We like to work with the administration while keeping our focus on what the students want. That means we play to the students’ tastes, but keep the music clean with only edited music. Students can now do a guest request with our company and request songs before their schools event. We also offer new night club style lighting which transforms any event space into a dance club experience. We provide Atlanta and its surrounding areas high school prom DJs as well as event solutions for all school dances throughout Georgia. We offer the most amazing packages for school events.

 Pep Rally’s/Lunch Crashes

All Star DJ specializes in many school events such as lunch crashes and pep rallies. Lunch crashes are fun and something many schools do to reward students for their hard work after standardized testing, year-end celebrations and much more. 

If you are looking to pump up your pep rally, we are just the company for you. In between the events and performances, you need something to keep the vibe and intensity. We also know how important music is for the performances, and with our professional systems and expertise we guarantee a flawless performance. 

As the master of ceremonies, our DJs will engage your students, lead activities, and ensure that the flow of the event is maintained. Being vocally trained with many years of experience, our DJs are able to emcee your event with ease. 

With our years of experience performing at school events, we know how important musical perfection is. Timing, volume, and precision is key. We will make sure everything goes perfectly through careful planning and preparation. We will arrive more than early to go over everything! We are here to help and meet when necessary to go over EVERY detail! 

Sporting Events

All Star DJ Company offers DJ services for all sporting events. Let our company play the right song at the right moment for your next game. Whether its basketball, football or any other sport, there is nothing like music to take the game to the next level. We found that music before the game, during time outs, halftime and after the game-ending buzzer are a big hit with your attendees. We are currently providing this service to multiple schools in the metro area. Book us for your next game! 

Career Day

All Star DJ Company offers complimentary career day services for schools that book an event. The purpose of us participating in career day is to educate, and motivate students by working closely to help improve their educational outcome. We love speaking to the students about our profession, and how we use our education in our line of business. Most students are unaware that being a Disk Jockey is an option as a profession. When we come out we actually do a live demonstration for the students. Call us today to have us come out to your career day!