Department Stores

Holiday’s / Special Sales/ New Inventory

Our DJs would love to provide entertainment services for your next sale, holiday, or special event. We know holidays and special sales are important for department stores. We specialize in engaging your customers while they pick out the perfect items. We make it our duty to announce specials, new inventory and the awesome deals that you are offering throughout the event. Selecting our company will help set your company apart from others on holidays, releases of new inventory and during special sale events. Our DJ’S will make sure the music creates the right atmosphere for the event. All of our team members are talented entertainers who know how to interact with your customers. We are also professional to the core and will make sure that our professional DJ services meet or exceed your expectations. We believe the success of your event comes down to the music we play and our interaction with each of your customers.

 Grand Opening’s

Nothing in business deserves more of a celebration than a grand opening! All Star DJ Company not only creates a fun time, we create a memorable experience with our hosting and musical blends to pump up the crowd. Great music will definitely intensify the level of excitement that a grand opening brings. This event will mark the beginning of great things to come for your organization. Let us help make your opening a grand success. 

Team Building

Learning and insights from team building activities can be transferred to the actual work environment resulting in better work equations and organizational performances. Create an atmosphere to enhance productivity by identifying and eliminating obstacles or by improving existing ways of working. Boost employee morale as they will feel the company and colleagues are interested in knowing and developing them, a valid reason for employee retention. We facilitate awesome games, brain teasers, karaoke, and other team building expertise to create a more productive environment. Call us today for your free estimate.